Mihalis Ovchinnikov

Drone pilot

Dubai, UAE

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I have dozens of years of experience in filmmaking including a documentary for Discovery Channel and challenging expeditions to the North Pole, Arctic in addition to over 60 countries.

I've got a camera set: Blackmagic PC6K, from 10 to 200mm lenses, gimbal Ronin RS2, radio microphones, lighting set etc.

I appreciate teamwork, precisely follow the director or can run the scene when needed. I’m communicable, hard-working, used to long shifts and irregular schedule.

Languages: Russian, English Greek and a little of Arabic and French

Hobby: sailing, travel, diving, languages, sciens, programming


Work experience

Documentary about nuclear icebreakers. April - June 2022

Two weeks in the shipyard in Saint Petersburg, 11 days in cruise in Kara sea in Arctic, several interviews. I was the DOP - invented the visual solution and hired the team - FPV drone pilots and cameramen.

TV - show « Business Vector » . 2019 - September 2022

Monthly program about businesses. We overlooked three companies in one industry and made rendition and review for the industry. I filmed a lot of factories, restaurants, tourist companies, farms, printeries, publishers, shipyards, constructing companies and many others.

Arctic videographers plain air. August 2022

I lectured in Murmansk. There was some sort of a workshop aimed to improve videographers skills and vision. Firs day we lerned or reapited the composition roules and made individual tasks. Second day we tryed to use gimbal, slider and even a tripod. The tasks were for teams. The last day we devided into several units and each unit filmed a part of the story we invented and later we joined all parts together and made a preentation on a big screen for friends and soponsors.

WSBS 2021-2022

Documentary about The White Sea Biological station. It was a long thorough project where my task was to capture all beauty and soul of biological station and the White Sea. We went there 8 times during the year and saw all seasons and conditions of the station and the nature.

Nuclear power plant. March 2022

Documentary about Kola nuclear power plant in Murmansk region. I was a cameraman and technician supporter.

Ceramic factory. July 2022

Documentary about a history of the Kirov ceramic factory. I was the DOP and the dron pilot.

Expedition to the end og the world. August- September 2021

Documentary for Discovery Channel Russia. A film about polar bears and walruses. One month on the research vessel in Arctic Ocean, two weeks in the base in the north of the Novato Zemlia archipelago, a week in White Sea biological station and several interviews in Laboratories in Moscow.

Clear truth. 2020 г

Documentary about clining service in the time of pandemia. we rolled in several cities, in the metro, public buses garage, at a futball stadium etc. The fist performans was in cinema on the big screen and after that I decided that I dont want to film anything more on Canon or Sony.

YouToube channel of Alex Savvateev. 2019-2022

YouTube Channel of a mathematic popularizer Alexey Savvateev. I was the DOP, director and editor of the program.

Qatar project. 2019

30 second self-promo video I made for a videographers competition to join the Qatar promoting project.

The result of Qater project.2019

Qatar promotion project. 12 day we were discovering Qatar and I filmed and edited and published one video every day during the project.

A Short Film in Armenia. August 2019

A student of directing course saw my instagram and said - that artistic vision is what I love. And hired me as DOP for her diploma work. I was not only DOP but assisted to the director as well.

Coal miners. 2018

Documentary for the channel 1. One of my fist projects as a drone pilot.

The North Pole. April-May 2017

Documentary about making a base on the ice of the Arctic Ocean on the North Pole. Parachuting from the cargo plane to the North Pole. Living in a tent for 16 days.

Submarines. 2016

Documentary about how the sumarines are made. Two weeks on the submarines factory.

Archery club. 2015

Advertising for archery club in London.

Carebbean ethnographic project. 2014

21 days traveling on the Caribbean and making and publishing one movie a day. I won a caneraman competition and went to a 21 days traveling on the Caribbean and making and publishing one movie a day.

Microscop. 2013

Сool microscope ad.

The museums of Kremlis. 2012

Advetising for the museums.

Right to choose. 2011

Fiction story about how people become terorists.

Capoeira show. 2010

Incredible show of guys from Cordao de oro.

New office. 2009

Just an art project of a friend

Farwaver. 2003 - 2013

Promo clip for divres club.

2021 August
Three short films in Murmansk. The final of the directing cours of the Northern Film School. The students was competing for a best scenario and the winer got financing and support for filming the movies. I was hired for the photography review lecture, taking part in jury and supporting the filming as the DOP.

2021 October
Advertising for Institut of Radio electronics.

YouTube program «Under the Dome”. It were interviews about cinematography. I was DOP and hired co-videographers

December 2019
Documentary about Ethiopean vulcanos. DOP and dron pilot in Erta Ale vulcano in Ethiopia.

October 2019
Documentary about famouse soviet ambassador in USA. We filmed in Washington and New York.

September 2019
Documentary about hunting. We filmed on a ranch in Michigan, USA I was a cameraman and interviewer.

2019- till now
YouTube channel “Underwater people” Interviews with divers. It’s my personal project. I’m the co-author of the idea, producer, director, DOP and editor.

August - September 2018
Discovery Channel Russia. How It’s made. About industrial construction. I was DOP and drone pilot.

2018 - till now
Travel program for YouTube channel of the traveler Artemiy Lebedev. Videographer and editor, now editor only

Advertising for Courchevel real estate company

Documentary about Sergey Korolev.

Steadycam guy for Tv series.

2010 - 2013
TV show “Secrets of the world”. Traveling, staged shooting, experiments, delusions and fantasy. After this project I become a guy “make a film from nothing” and also a specialist in human idiocy, mystics, magic, religious persuasions. No one can foolish me now)

Exposition. TV show about the photography for Culture Channel. 4 series about different aspects of photography - Art, documentary, fun, persuader etc. My first big project being a DOP.

Aljazeera sport. Sport events in Moscow.

Meddle East project. Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus, Turkey. I was a photographer in a team with famous writer. We made a newspaper’s articles and travel guides.

TV studio cameraman on the Channel 6. News releases, talk-shows, music-shows.

Khimki TV. Regional channel cameraman. News in little city near Moscow, some studio programs etc.

Event videographer. Weddings, corporate events etc.